Brittany Fried


Brittany never thought fitness would have transformed her life the way it has. She was never really big into fitness until these last couple of years. In 2012 Brittany found herself in a place that she never would have imagined walking into, a crossfit gym. Since then, the progress that she has made has been quite an adventure for her. After about 5 months of crossfit, she entered into her first competition and fell in love with the feeling of competing. Since then she has done 6 competitions and plans to compete in Battle on the Bayou in February of 2014. Out of the 6, Brittany has placed top 10 in 5 of them, and placed 1st in her most recent competition.

In August of 2013, she joined a new gym and met her current trainer and former Mr. America, IFBB Pro Roddy Gaubert. He then introduced her to the world of NPC competitions, and she is in training for her first NPC competition. In April of 2014, she will make her first debut on the stage at the Bayou Muscle Classic. Along with preparing for other NPC bikini competitions in 2014, such as The Red Stick Classic and the Greater Gulf States Championship, Brittany plans on continuing with any crossfit competitions that come her way.

As one of the youngest competitors at the age of 18 in her crossfit competitions as well as NPC shows, she knows that she has yet to reach her full potential. Brittany will keep working harder and pushing herself further in everything that she does to take both fields of fitness to the top.