Becky Brown


I am a 37 year old, NPC Bikini Competitor and fitness model, as well as a mom of two beautiful girls and a happily married wife of 12 years. Born and raised in Southern California, I absolutely love the beach and my family - these things have kept me close to home. Growing up I was always interested in modeling, but I was told I was too short and lacked the self confidence that was needed to pursue this career. So, I went a different route completely. After high school I went into law enforncement and worked as a correctional officer for approximately 9 years.

Throughout my childhood I had an interest in staying healthy and fit. In high school I joined my first gym and was also very active in sports. I continued this life style through my 20’s. When I was 25 years old I met my husband and to whom I soon married. At 26, I had our first daughter and three years later I had my second daughter. When I was around 35 years old, I realized that I was 30 to 40 pounds overweight due to poor eating habits, lack of exercise, and a lack of motivation. I soon realized a change was needed. With the help of my husband I began working out, and most importantly, began eating healthily which helped me lose 30 pounds in my first year. Eating healthily and working out became a lifestyle for my family and me.

By losing the weight I became confident in myself and I felt great. I wanted to set another goal for myself and be an example to the other mothers out there. My goal was to compete in a NPC Bikini Competition. At the age of 36 I competed in and won 1st place in my first bikini competition. From that day I was hooked and ready to move forward with even bigger goals. Fitness is now my way of life. I have now developed a passion to motivate and inspire others to live a healthy and active lifestyle.