Amanda Otero


Amanda Otero is an IFBB Bikini Pro, who earned IFBB Pro status in 2012 after having competed in just 5 amateur competitions in 5 short months. Amanda has been an athlete throughout her entire life, starting at age 5 with gymnastics. She ran the 100m hurdles, was a cheerleader, and played ice hockey.


Canadian born, Colombian ethnicity, Cape Cod (Massachusetts) raised, and now living in South Florida; are just the highlights of her upbringing traveling the world. She speaks English and Spanish fluently, and can comprehend and speak some French. Out of high school, she had an interest in advertising and marketing, which began her pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree at a small business college in Massachusetts. A few years after moving to Florida, she began taking courses at Florida Atlantic University to finish the marketing degree, but after enrolling had a change of plans. She decided to enroll in the Exercise Science program instead. During this time she began taking local classes such as Mixed Martial Arts, Muy Thai, and Kettle bell training to learn new forms of exercise, stay fit, and have some fun. She met two ladies who were actively competing in the NPC and IFBB, and became intrigued. After having attended the NPC Southern States in Fort Lauderdale, to watch one of her new friends compete, she knew this was something she wanted to get into.


She began training for her first NPC competition while attending FAU, bartending on the weekends, and studying for the NSCA-CPT. She kept her GPA up, became NSCA certified, and continued to do well in the NPC. She placed within the top 2 at every local/regional competition, came in 3rd at Junior Nationals, then went on to earn her IFBB Pro Card at her 5th show. Taking 1st place at the 2012 NPC Team Universe was one of the most rewarding feelings throughout her fitness journey. A few months later she graduated from FAU and began personal training at a local gym, while continuing to compete in the IFBB.