Beauty Series - Body Shaping Contour Refining Cream
Behind the Science... Celestial Bodiez Body Shaping Contour-Refining Cream - A Scientific Analysis Cellulite is predominantly a condition of poor microcirculation that can cause damage...
Beauty Series - Sunless Tanning Lotion
We know very well that women always want to look their best. We are also aware that when you feel attractive, your confidence soars, your...
Beauty Series - Liquid Cover Up
Liquid Cover Up by Celestial Bodiez, a new way to show off your legs. Spreading it evenly over your legs will normalize your skin's tone...
Complete Beauty Series Complete Beauty Series
$ 64.99 $ 74.99
$ 64.99 $ 74.99
The Celestial Bodiez Complete Beauty Series includes our sunless tanning lotion, our liquid coverup, and our body shaping cream. Treat yourself!