VLOG 23: The effect of positive vibes at work and Viking reenactment. lol What?

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I actually filmed filmed of my workouts! Proof! lol. My brother was in town last week so we always go meathead mode together. I also randomly attended a Viking reenactment weekend. lol, I know right? Turns out it was really cool and an awesome experience. I Had a video edited in here that helps explain what it's all about and what it means to the people who do it. Don't knock something until you've tried it. Check out some clips of the podcast I did with my videographer Alex. The links to my podcast are below! Lastly There's footage of my staff and crew trying to get our shit together and film some content for Celestial Bodiez. I thought it was important to show how much effort goes into content creation but also stress the importance of having a fun and positive vibe in your work environment. It makes people want to go above and beyond because they love what they do. ______________________________________________________ My Back/Chest/Bicep Workout: 1. Giant set X 3 Wide Grip Cable pull down Underhand Cable pull downs Bent over cable pulls over 2. Super set X 3 Bent over Barbell Row Horizontal Pull Up/Inverted row (whatever it’s called) 3. Super set X 3 Single Arm Barbell Row T Bar Row 4. Smith Machine Chest Press X 3 5. Super Set X 3 Single arm and double arm High Row Push up Variatons 6. Finish with Giant set for Biceps. *Repeat set until failure* Dumbell Curl Variations (I try and hit them from every angle.) . Wearing @celestialbodiez new (yet to be released) Classic Lunar Shorts

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