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VLOG 22: All the things! How do you manage STRESS??

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This vlog includes all the behind the scenes work and shenanigans from my latest Celestial Bodiez photo shoot and my big upcoming limited edition release! I jumped on a plane after the shoot to fly to Ohio to watch my brother graduate. It was a really big deal for our family. We all sacrificed and helped my brother get his degree (he might have done some work too). We now have a geophysicist in the family! I had a chance to get to my big stack of fan mail that i've been neglecting and reminisced about the good ole WWE days. I recorded an episode for my UNglamorous Life podcast with my Celestial Bodiez photographer, Maysa Askar annnnnnd had yet another photo shoot at my warehouse for product photos. And finally I talk about the amount of stress I'm dealing with on a daily basis and some of the things I do to cope when I'm at wits end. When in doubt, work out.

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