VLOG 11: Latest Photo shoot! BTS Podcasting. How to choose a mentor/advisor.

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Get some behind the scenes action of my latest photo shoot and a special episode of my podcast, The UNglamorous Life. This photo shoot was something different from the shoots I've done in the past. I'm all grown up! Lol. I needed head shots and life style photos (basically of me not in the gym or in a swimsuit) So I can act like an adult and submit relevant photos along with the articles I've been writing recently. They mostly pertain to being a business owner and young female executive and what I've learned and can share with others in the same space. This podcast is a bonus episode and something different than the normal content. I had a one on one conversation with my close friend/mentor/advisor, Chris Kingman. We talk about what he does how he's changed the game for me and tons more. Get some Doggo/Pupper action as usual and check out some of the design process for creating new styles and pieces for a clothing line AND wrestling gear!

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