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Behind the Scenes: Celestial Bodiez Sports Bra Photoshoot

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It’s 10 am and we’re standing in the driveway to the illustrious, extravagant home of PJ and Celeste Braun. Inside, a white sheet has been draped down from the overlooking balcony. There’s camera equipment, lights, rigs, clips, all of the tack to be expected for a photoshoot.

Celeste greets us with a warm hello, offers us water, and then gets right back to work. Her clothing line, Celestial Bodiez (link), is taking promo shots of their new line of sports bras. She’s been building an empire, starting with strictly yoga pants and is now moving into other lines of apparel.

The shoot is featuring Celeste herself, along with NPC Bikini athlete and fitness enthusiast Annie @tunieintofitness (include IG link). Photographer Justin Price (link) begins the usual process of testing equipment and then jumps right into shooting.

It’s a laid back vibe, Warren G’s “Regulators” (link to vid) comes on the sound system. The house is full of animals, cats skittishly slink in and out of view, even wandering directly into shots here and there, which garners a chuckle from everyone on set. The dogs eventually get quartered to a guest bedroom as Celeste and Annie suit up and get started.

The photographer encourages Celeste and Annie to do more natural-looking, playful poses. They start out with teal and pink-trimmed sports bras, coupled with matching BootyScrunch shorts. Seamlessly, they cycle through the gamut of colors: blue with white trim, gray with pink, olive with white, red with white, etc.

They take a short break and 90’s R’n’B mainstay “Return of the Mack” (youtube link) catches everyone’s ears. We’re all  vibing out and PJ pauses from a series of business-related calls to hop onto periscope. Above everything else, the notion of inclusion to their fanatical base of followers remains prevalent. Throughout the entirety of the shoot, he and Celeste do what they do best: engage everyone genuinely.

The tempo shifts and we’re brought outside to shoot a more American-classic style series of photos. Annie and Celeste emerge wearing solid black yoga pants matched with black leather jackets and aviator sunglasses. They pose alongside of one of PJ Braun’s numerous jaw-dropping sports cars, recalling memories of faster times in american cinema seen in films like Top Gun. The girls know how good they look and fall right into place. They’re giving the camera just the right amount of attitude, not unlike how we saw the Girls in Pink change at the end of Grease, each of them a new Olivia Newton John sinking into her newly found badass regalia. PJ himself is loving every second of it, standing tall in the hall of his domain and taking everything in.

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