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21 - Special Guest Kristina Licari Celestial Bodiez Office Manager

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This week on the Unglamorous Life, Celeste is joined by one of her employees. Kristina Licari is the young, ambitious office manager at Celestial Bodies. Kristina wears many hats within the company as well as in her personal life. She is a busy 22 year old that has a flourishing career, attends college and competes. Tune in to hear her advice on how to balance the different areas of your life.

“You know yourself and you know what you are capable of, so don’t try to over do it.”
 - Kristina Licari


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Key Highlights:

How Kristina started working at Celestial Bodies

⇾ How Kristina balances work, school and competing

⇾ Celeste’s assistant’s horrendous first day


3:36 How Kristina started working at Celestial Bodies

7:37 Kristina’s school life

8:50 Kristina and Celeste’s Miami Nationals drinking story

10:26 Competing, training, and meal prep

15:56 How Kristina balances her many hats

21:00 Celeste’s assistant’s horrendous first day

28:50 Attracting bad energy

30:26 Advice on how to balance life

35:46 What Kristina has learned from Celeste 

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