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23 - Interview With Alex Roman

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On this episode of the Unglamorous LifeCeleste sits down with Celestial Bodies professional videographer, Alex Roman. Alex, aka “Trash Roman”, shares how he got into videography by essentially faking it until he made it. Also, stay tuned to hear about Alex’s popular rock band, Fame on Fire.  

“Whatever it is you want to do, make sure you insert yourself into that lifestyle, don’t let people hold you back.” 

- Alex Roman



1:36 How Alex faked it until he made it 

12:29 Alex’s advice to people looking to make a career out of a hobby[Text Wrapping Break]17:33 Alex’s band “Fame on Fire” 

24:40 Fame on Fire’s new music video 

29:50 How Fame on Fire films their videos 

33:00 Fame on Fire’s future goals 

36:00 Alex’s advice to someone who wants to learn how to play music 


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