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22 - Interview With Maysa Askar

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On this episode of the Unglamorous Life, Celeste sits down with Celestial Bodies professional photographer, Maysa Askar. Maysa shares how she got into photography and gives some great advice on how to become a photographer. Stay tuned to hear about some of her craziest shoots as well.

“Always take advice from other photographers.”

-Maysa Askar


2:40 How Maysa got into photography

4:52 How Maysa shot Warped Tour

6:43 How art school helped Maysa with her career

11:22 Maysa’s advice to aspiring photographers

15:06 Having your own style as an artist

17:52 Maysa’s and Celeste’s first shoot

22:00 Types of shots and clients Maysa shoots

26:33 Maysa’s craziest shoot stories

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