20 - Bonus Episode. Dirty Work Q&A

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Today’s show is a special bonus episode! We are giving you a sneak peak of our newest podcast “The Dirty Work Podcast” with Celeste and Chris Kingman. Chris and Celeste are scrolling Instagram and answering your questions about entrepreneurship. Plus Celeste and her dog Simon have some exciting news to share!

“Take in feedback whether it’s good or bad. It’s actually better if it’s bad because it will help you improve your product.”

 - Celeste Bonin



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Key Highlights:

How to develop a game plan to start your business

⇾ Discover the steps you need to take to design a product

⇾ Figure out when you need to hire someone and how to know who to hire



0:26 Introducing Chris Kingman (The Dirty Work Podcast co-host)

01:48 Which platform is the best to start marketing your brand?

07:36 Looking back, Celeste’s advice to herself when first starting Celestial Bodies

10:18 How to develop a game plan to start your business

13:20 Advice for transitioning into a different career

14:39 What is the initial design process for a product?

23:04 Employees...when and who to hire?

36:38 How do you get work done and still have fun?

40:27 How do you get through really shi**y days?


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