14-Celeste and Laurin Answer Commonly Asked Questions

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It’s Q and A time with Laurin and Celeste! Today they address some of their most frequently asked questions from their followers on social media. They cover a wide range of topics from dieting and cardio to business tips. The unglamourous hosts also address things on a more personal level like what are the best bras for implants and how to deal with anxiety.  Also, find out if Celeste will be going back to the WWE!


Key Highlights:


Tips for starting your online coaching business

Advice for competing: dieting, cardio, caffeine

How to deal with anxiety without prescription drugs



06:10 - How to start an online coaching business 

10:40 - Laurin’s key tips for beginning online trainers

13:13 - How to start an online direct to consumer company (private label)

18:03 - Branding tips and advice (logos, naming products etc.)

20:50 - Dieting and cardio questions

24:03 - Caffeine intake during dieting

25:23 - First Performer 24 hour comprehensive fat burner system

27:21 - How long should you diet for?

30:02 - Tips on how to deal with addiction, anxiety, and panic attacks


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