13-Recovery methods/Body maintenance. RPR what is it?

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How to un-fuck your body!  

Recovery is important for especially for those with more advanced training. Celeste and Lauren discuss different recovery methods from simple Epsom salt baths to neurological resets with RPR. Discover how to correct those improper movement patterns and be in a more relaxed state.

High performing athletes and those who do recreational training are encouraged to experiment with various recovery techniques to identify useful individualized recovery strategies.


Learn the different recovery methods to reduce fatigue and enhance performance.



“No matter how little time you can dedicate, its better than nothing”

- Laurin Colin

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Key Highlights:

  • Different methods for recovery
  • How RPR (reflexive performance reset) works
  • Nutritional advice and good habits for recovery

Time Stamps

02:05 -Types of recovery methods

05:14 -Developing improper movement patterns and compensation patterns

07:43 -RPR - reflexive performance reset

10:43 -Laurin’s first experience with RPR

13:27 -RPR Seminar information

14:58 -How RPR works

15:59 -Joel Jamerson’s information

17:44 -Belly breathing

18:15 -Meditation

22:10 -Having the right mindset for recovery methods

23:10 -Doing quick recovery methods on yourself

26:30 -Nutritional advice for recovery

27:40 -The importance of sleep


Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR)
Active Release Therapy

Graston Technique

Body tempering
Epsom salt bath
Heat shock protein
Greens Supplements

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