12-The Unglamorous Side of Traveling

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Travel, whether it be for work or play, always has the potential to ruin your trip.

 Celeste and Laurin are both all too familiar with traveling (and the shitty things that can go along with it.) Luckily, over time, they have become pros at planning. In this episode, they will share some of their travel hacks to keep your next trip on time, on a budget, and on the right track to a worthwhile trip.

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Key Highlights:

  • Setting up your work schedule for traveling
  • Taking care of things beforehand to keep your travel experiences consistent
  • Remembering the little things while traveling

Time Stamps

02:23 - Celeste’s most exhausting trip and what she learned by the end of it

08:50 - Allowing yourself to let go of the things you can’t control while traveling

16:15 - Using Airbnb and Uber to save money while traveling

22:14 - How to travel while being conscious of your diet

25:00 - The different ways of balancing your work schedule with your travels

28:40 - Traveling tips for the most efficient travel

36:20 - Why you should expect the best, but prepare for the worst


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