11- Wrestling Comback

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We are all passionate about something.

For Celeste, this has been wrestling. Today, Celeste and Laurin talk about how Celeste found herself back in the ring as an effort to find a different version of herself. After a rough year, Celeste found it was essential for her to start fueling the flame of passion deep inside her. This act of standing up and starting again is just one example of the importance of chasing passion and embracing change, even if it means going back to what you once left.

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Key Highlights:

  • How a mentor can help you push yourself further
  • Overcoming the feeling of inadequacy in your field
  • Knowing which opinions to keep and which ones to throw away

Time Stamps

01:33 - The life events that pushed Celeste back into wrestling

05:41 - Why Celeste felt like she constantly had to prove herself while wrestling

09:03 - The exact day that made Celeste realize she needed to fuel her passion for wrestling again

12:09 - How channeling your passion and drive allows you to be better in every aspect of your life

16:30 - How Celeste is getting back into wrestling after hard times and how her new tattoo is an important visual representation of that journey

22:51 - The possibilities of Celeste’s future after her next match

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