09- The 'Oh Sh*t' Method

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Can you remember the last time you fucked up?

Probably. We all make mistakes. In this episode, Celeste and Laurin talk about their “oh-shit” method and how they try to make the best out of every single fuck up. Whether big or small, Celeste and Laurin talk about accepting each fuck up as an opportunity to learn in order to keep our lives moving in a positive direction.

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  What You’ll Discover

  • How fuck-ups can help us move forward in life
  • How to embrace the “oh shit” moments
  • Accepting the changes of your environment to stay on top

Time Stamps

01:15- The definition of an “oh shit” moment

06:33- How a fuck up opened up a new door for Celeste in WWE

09:12- What Celeste learned from her year-long “oh shit” moment

12:45 -The oh-shit moment Celeste and Laurin faced in making this episode

20:03- Keeping up with the industry changing around you

23:03- Finding the middle ground between passion and work ethic

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