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07- Setting and Achieving Self-Development Goals For 2018

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An inside look at the real unglamorous side of having self-development goals this year.

Today, Laurin and Celeste deep dive on their reflection of the past year, the pivotal experiences that they had that made them grow. They also share their bigger, bolder and competitive personal, career and business goals for 2018.



  What You’ll Discover

  • Importance of goal setting
  • Learn why having clarity on what you want is important
  • Importance of having accountability partners

Time Stamps

00:42 – Celeste’s personal and business goals for the year and her pivotal experiences

02:25 – Laurin’s competitive and coaching goals, her goal not to be an over-thinker and so much of a perfectionist

07:04 – Their podcast goals

12:30 – ways that help you reach your goals through books, podcast, coaching and mentoring

18:19 – Importance of accountability partners like a coach and a consultant, family and friends that help you through it

20:02 – the importance of the willingness and commitment to learn

28:21 – being career-focused women

34:16 – squeezing in some fun times and cool tasks in between work and travel


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