Today, Celestial Bodiez CEO and booty specialist Celeste Braun drops some serious knowledge on us.

As some of you may already know, Celestial Bodiez not only makes the best yoga pants on the planet, but has also come out with a line of beauty products. While the booty scrunch is so key, we also must focus on the big picture.

Aptly named "The Beauty Series," because beauty, we aim to expand your horizons and take in your aesthetic as a whole.

Celeste makes it her personal mission to expand your horizons into beauty.

The Body Shaping Contour-Refining Cream makes use of actual science, searching far and wide for an actual active ingredient, which a lot of beauty products do not actually have.

Liporeductyl actively seeks and reduces cellulite. While not a magic potion, it goes very well with a sound diet and active lifestyle.

Simply apply directly to the skin on problem areas and do your thing.


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